Nurse AJ walked into the exam room at the clinic to apply oneself to me a corporeal. He said that it was a routine carnal and he would start about listening to my heart and lungs. The nurse couldn't believe that I was 19, and in college. It always happens to me, especially when I try to go to 18 and up clubs. They think that I have a fake ID. I gave him my birthday, height, weight, all the normal stuff. Then, he asked me to take off my shirt, so that he could take a listen. As he was putting the blood cuff on my arm, AJ asked me about school and what I was tough to go for. He seemed to be in a hurry as he was just infuriating to get everything done. He took my temperature, and then he checked my tonsils for anything deviating. Looking at my chart and all the instructions that the doctor had left him, AJ told me that he still needed to take a flex test, and a genital probe on me.
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