To do the next test AJ pulled out an extension on the table to allow my feet to be higher up. Each leg was extended and then put back into place on the table. Next, the Nurse asked me to take off my pants for them to check my gentiles. I told him that I wasn't wearing any underwear and he said that I must beget been ready for this exam. Really, I just have never liked the feel of underwear, so I don't wear them. I got off the table and stripped out of my clothes. As soon as I was naked, I climbed back up on the exam table that AJ had just finished adjusting and was ready for whatever he was succeeding to test for. The Nurse put on a pair of gloves making small talk while I was naked and waiting for him to continue. He lifted my balls and moved my dick around checking as any lumps or markings that seemed to be abnormal.

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