Looking at his notes to with, AJ said that the doctor had down that he wanted an extraction from me of my sperm. I asked if that was normal, and he said that it was something new that they college was starting to make sure that students aren't passing anything around the campus. Grabbing some lube off the counter behind him opened it pouring some on my dick and his hands. It took no time for me to go from limp to rock hard. Laying there on the table I was trying to relax as much as possible in the hopes that I would arrive at finally off faster. As much as I didn't care to be doing this, I got the same impression from the Nurse. In whatever way, he kept his hand going at a steady pace which felt great! The longer I got jerked off I know that it would only be a little while until I had an orgasm. Stable enough, I let out a warning that I was about to cum. Shooting my load in the direction that he had my penis pointed. My big, runny, creamy load was on my lower stomach. AJ made undeviating to shake my dick to get every last drop of cum out. Then he took a sample cup, and scooped some off my stomach for the testing. I am very ticklish, so I squirmed a little bit while he got his specimen. AJ told me that he would harm it into the lab and then get the doctor. I guess the doctor was fairly original and so I didn't be aware what to guess.
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