I showed up for my situation at the school's clinic to get my physical, and I had a bunch of paperwork to fill out. It took forever, and they asked all kinds of family portrayal, and habits that I might have. Once I was finished with the paperwork, I just had to wait for Nurse Ajay to box office me back to one of the exam rooms. He explained to me while I was waiting that one of the doctors was being replaced, and it was his replacements first date at the clinic. I would be seeing Dr. Rimmerman for my physical. I walked into the exam lodge to meet the doctor, and he was ready to get started. He had me take a seat on the exam table, and started asking me just some general health questions. The Doc wanted to retake my blood require, and run some basic tests. Listening to my heart and lungs, he had me lay back on the table while he took a listen in a couple different spots. Afterward he had me remove my shirt.

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