Changing positions and compelling on, Dr. Rimmerman said that he wanted to move on and show Ajay how to do the next part of the examination. He grabbed a condom fixed of the record and put it on. I was getting more nervous, because I knew that the Doc was a little bigger than Ajay. Wasting no time, Rimmerman pushed his cock right up into my hole in one single movement. It was a shock at the pain and pleasure that I experienced. He started to fuck me at a behind the times rate and then began to pick up the pace. One fetich that the Doc did a lot was have me change positions. He had me get up on the table on my back for him to continue, and then he offered to switch places with Ajay. Only when Ajay got behind me he couldn't get his cock hard enough to fuck me. I am not sure why he couldn't get hard, but Rimmerman had us trade places on the table. Dr. Rimmerman put a new condom on and started to fuck Ajay. He kept going until Ajay said that he wanted to change.

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