Tyler is 19, from Texas and is here going from school in Florida right then. He has a girlfriend and with the holidays coming up he has some shopping to do for his girlfriend. I explained to him that we were going to do a solo shoot, and then from there he would get him in to doing a scoot with some other girls. Of course, he had no objection to that. Tyler doesn’t work passÂ, but he does run and when he took of his shirt it showed that he was in great shape. He had the farmer tan going on where his face, neck and arms were darker than his chest. I had him spinney up, so that we could see his back and he showed me his tattoo. Going for his pants he had on some boxer briefs, and he took a seat on the tete-Å-tete and started to erase himself. It didn’t take Tyler long before he had this boner that wouldn’t stop in his pants. Pulling his cock through the fly he jerked off for just a short time before slipping the briefs to the floor.

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